Cleaning products for your wheels.

Alcoa® Dura-Bright Wheel Wash Starter Kit

Now the bad weather is upon us cleaning products for your wheels will be used more frequently.

In recent months there has been a few cleaners coming on to the market which are being sold as 'approved by Alcoa® and safe to use on Alcoa® Dura-Brights'. This is certainly not the case!

Alcoa® wheels would like it known that they have not approved any such cleaners and we would like to make our customers aware of this. Care must be used when using these cleaners as they could damage the Dura-Bright surface protection on the wheel.

Here at Tyretracks we stock all the 'genuine' Alcoa® wheel cleaning products you will ever need, which are indeed tested and approved by Alcoa® themselves.

They can be collected from our offices or can be sent out direct to your door via our carriers.

Alcoa® Dura-Bright wheel wash 'starter kit' is £16.00 plus vat including the Albrush.

Which is also available in 5 litre and 25 litre quantities.

Call the office to order. - 01785 212 818