Introducing the brand new ALCOA® Ultra One wheel!

new alcoa ultra one wheel

We have known about this new wheel for some time now and we have had to wait patiently whilst it went through its design stages and then under went its rigorous testing and now it's finally been launched to the world at this year's IAA show.

This wheel may look similar to the current Alcoa® wheel BUT because it's made from Alcoa®'s patented MagnaForce aluminium it's a whopping 7.5% lighter than the current Alcoa® wheel.

This therefore makes it around 47% lighter than the equivalent steel wheel.....

No other wheel manufacturer has MagnaForce aluminium so you can be assured that Alcoa® wheels are the lightest and the strongest there is.

Further information can be obtained from contacting our sales office 01785 212 818

It will be available in the UK from ourselves in 2017 and we will make sure any updates are posted here.