Ultra ONE® LvL ONE® Alcoa® Wheels

Yesterday we had the delivery of our very first Alcoa® Wheels Ultra One LvL One (Blue Labels).

They are stunning with the polished finish really showing off the new smoother style.

After such an amazing response, we had a surprise visit from ‘Mr Blue Label’ himself who just couldn’t resist their shine and came to have the very 1st set of these wheels fitted.

Mr Blue Label was of course Martin Harding from L.W.Surphlis and he was happy to drive away with the very first set of these Alcoa® Ultra ONE® LvL ONE® Wheels on his truck.

These wheels look even better fitted than in their boxes and really are something amazing.

Mr Blue Label is now back home polishing his wheels after swapping his previous Alcoa® Dura-Bright Wheels in part exchange.

lorry wheels a red lorry