Repolishing Alcoa® Wheels

Here at Tyretracks we can refinish your Alcoa® Wheels. Alcoa® Wheels if treated right can give a long service to their owners, over their lifetime sometimes the wheels need a touch of TLC to spruce them up for their new owner or to compliment a new paint job?

Our metal polisher has over 30 years of experience and is second to none when it comes to rejuvenating that world famous Alcoa® Wheels shine....

Although this service is predominantly used by our customers to bring their old wheels back to life, it is also very handy for transforming Alcoa® Wheels brushed wheels into the mirror polished finish (For example if you had a new truck delivered on Brushed finish wheels and you fancied a set of Highly polished wheels). Once repolished to a high standard, Alcoa® Wheels are so much easier to keep ‘shiny’ old wheels that have lost their shine can be a very time consuming item when trying to polish the wheels by hand, often with poor results......

Machine polishing is really the only answer.

There are numerous ways in which we can receive your wheels, wheels can be sent direct to ourselves either by dropping them into one of our depots (address on our contacts page) or via a carrier (when sending the wheels to us by carrier we do ask that you clearly mark your name on the wheels & call us first to confirm that they are being sent) *We must be advised of any wheels being sent to us before shipping! Although if you do have no a carrier we can arrange our carrier to collect the wheels from you and return once polished.

You are also welcome to come into one of our 2 depots and we will remove the wheels from your truck / coach. We can even lend you a set of wheels whilst yours are away being re polished. When we receive your Wheels, the wheels are inspected by one of our trained staff for excessive corrosion or damage that may prove to be a problem in the future.

When we are happy that the wheels are fit for further use, the process will then start first they are linished down and then ‘mopped’ using various grades of soap (polish). When we are happy with the finish they are then finished off with the final mop and polish. The wheels are then returned to you in a protective bag & box in the same way a new wheel would be.

The tyres must always remove from the wheels for the repolishing process. We are happy to accept wheels with the tyres still fitted to them as we can remove the tyres for a small charge (although please be aware when shipping them via carriers the additional weight / size of the tyre does add considerable expense). We always recommend a new Alcoa® Wheels valve is fitted once polished.

We are often asked if the Dura-bright finish can be applied to wheels during this process, alas it cannot, but if you eager to have a wheel that has the Dura-bright finish then we are more than happy to give you a quotation on part exchanging your existing wheels against new dura-bright wheels.

We often repolish older dura-bright wheels that have lead a hard life perhaps not been cared for as they should have, these wheels are polished in the same way, it just means there is a little more work for us to remove the dura-bright treatment, although once removed the wheels are often in very good condition and as this treatment protects the wheel they often show no signs of corrosion. Although sometimes there may be a bit more work involved in these wheels we do not charge any more.


FAQ’s about our Aluminium Truck Wheels Repolishing Service:

No, the repolishing process is never done at customers premises.

No, alas it cannot, but if you eager to have a wheel that has the Dura-bright finish then we are more than happy to give you a quotation on part exchanging your existing wheels against new dura-bright wheels.

Don’t worry we can lend you wheels by prior arrangement for a small cost.

Yes we can, the process is slightly different but it is possible.

Yes we can although we would require the paint removing before being sent in to us for repolishing as we do not have the time to remove the paint.

Not usually, we only repolish the one face of the wheel that is seen, although we have repolished both sides for customers previously.

It usually takes a week, although this varies depending on the workload & the time of the year.

We currently charge for the front face £75.00 + vat and for the rear face (deep dish) £80.00 + vat

Here at Tyretracks we carry a large range of wheels both new & used, we often have a large choice of repolished wheels available for outright purchase too.





We reserve the right to reject any wheels we feel that are unfit to be repolished or unsafe for further service. We also cannot repolish the face of a wheel that has been subject to excessive brake dust. (For example if the customer wants a face polishing that has been an inner face against the hub for a considerable amount of time.)

Although we do have a look at all the wheels that are to be repolished, we also do not examine the wheel thoroughly for defects and we will accept no responsibility for any wheel once repolished that is deemed unfit for further use or fails in service. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure they are happy with the wheel for further use.

See our terms and conditions for further information.

If you still have you a question in regard to this service or you would like to know more about this service that we offer, please contact us by visiting our contact us page or call us on 01785 212818 and speak to one of our sales team who will be pleased to help.