Alcoa® Wheels & Arconic - The Story Behind The Name

In 2016 Alcoa® wheels became known as Arconic.

Basically it was the separation of Alcoa® into two industry leading public companies; The Upstream Company keeping the name Alcoa® and some of their other companies including the wheel section will now be referred to as Arconic.

The wheels however will keep the Alcoa® branded name and there will be no changes to the Products and Services.

We have kept our same Alcoa® sales team and their dedication is still second to none.

Alcoa® Wheels is a product brand of Arconic.

Because the wheels will still keep the world renowned name ‘Alcoa®’ the transformation has been painless and to ourselves has only really been a name change within the administration side of things.

Alcoa® wheels have always been known for their outstanding 5-year warranty and this has not been effected whatsoever.

There is a new logo, which is not dissimilar to the Alcoa® logo we have been working with for many years, a copy of which is below.

We will happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this change.